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Ground Zero Athletics came about with one purpose: To not be classified as a clothing brand, but to be diversity, culture, expression, and a voice.


Ground Zero:

-Ground (meaning ‘the surface of the earth)

-Zero (meaning ’no quantity or number’)

The surface of the earth is what we stand on daily, we ambulate on it, we run on it and we endeavor to create the best versions of ourselves on it. While zero denotes a number that does not have a specific value, therefore, can be interpreted as whatever you desire; so, what are we getting at? -It's simple, your limits are as high as you want them to be or as low as you make them!


The veteran side of things:

Some may consider the context “Ground Zero” to signify negativity, with the loss we suffered on 9/11/01. The tragedy reminded us that life can alter in an instant. Every moment we have is precious, every idea we have is valuable and every breath we take is a privilege. Men and women selflessly serve our country for strangers like us; people they will never meet In hopes to make a difference and sanction us to live out our lives to the highest capabilities possible! Unfortunately, the price individuals pay to keep us safe back home can come with a price that can haunt them for their entire life! Depression, isolation and even suicide stem from this aftermath; so a percentage of everything we sell goes toward aiding individuals at risk!


“United we stand, divided we fall” — Honoring the men and women who serve our country!





*Every shirt Ground Zero Athletics sales will donate 10% of the profit to assist in aiding military men and women who suffer from traumatic events incurred by service*

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