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1. Why are we doing pre-orders?


The reason for the pre-order is to get insight into what shirts will be most commonly bought. Being a small start-up company and doing everything entirely on our own, it doesn't make sense both financially and stock wise to house hundreds of unnecessary shirts that may never sell due to size, style or color.


2. How long?


Pre-orders generally last about a month after the release of a new product.


3. What happens after this time frame?


After we close out the pre-orders, the website will go completely live where future orders you place will not have the extreme timeline to get your shirts (we are aware the time frame to receive shirts might seem extensive, but keep in mind it takes time to get the shirts in stock, get them printed on and pick them up from our printing company, we are not using a 3rd party to ship items as everything will come directly from us).


4. What do I get for "pre-ordering"?


Everyone who orders within this time frame will also receive a Ground Zero Athletics silicone wristband (Tell us small or large in the comments of your order, if not we will assume off your shirt size). You will also receive a 1 time 20% off coupon (Unless you already used a code for  20 % off) for your entire next order!






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